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Pathways 2018-19 - Course Choice Processes

P7 into S1 Wider Achievement - P7 teachers were issued with the S1 Wider Achievement elective booklets today during the p7 induction visit (a copy can be found below).  P7 Pupils will bring their booklet home to be signed by parents once they have made their choices.  The choice sheets should then be returned to Perth Grammar on the next induction day on 7th June. Mr Farrell will be happy to answer any questions about this from p7 parents.

PDF icon Electives Choice Booklet

S1 into S2 – S1 pupils will receive their Wider Achievement choice booklets later this month.  The information will be finalised and posted on the website as soon as possible

S2 into S3 – S2 pupils received their Pathways information in December and discussions are taking place with Personal Support and Guidance teachers to make sure these choices are appropriate.  All finalised choices should have been submitted by Friday 9th February following the parents meeting on Wednesday 7th. The course information booklet can be viewed below.  Please note that pupils now have a new option to take Dance as one of their free choices.  They should speak with their PE and Guidance teacher if they would like to be considered for this.  The descriptor for this course can be viewed here.

PDF icon  S3 Pathways Information

S3 into S4 – S3 pupils have been discussing their pathways with subject and Guidance teachers since Christmas and have made an initial choice, narrowing their current choices from 9 down to 6 including Maths and English.  Their proposed choice has been distributed with the S3 reports.  We now ask you to discuss these choices with your child and then sign and return the form confirming the choices OR making amendments OR requesting a meeting with the Guidance teacher.  This is due by 2nd March at the latest and early returns are welcome.  The Pathways Prospectus for S4 can be viewed below.

PDF icon  S4 Pathways Prospectus                                    PDF icon  S4 College Courses

S4/5 into S5/6 – S4 and S5 pupils  received their Pathways information on Tuesday 13th February.  The  Pathways Prospectus can be viewed by clicking the link below.  Information on courses at Perth College,  including a booklet on Foundation Apprenticeships can also be viewed below.  These are new 2 year courses which involve studying one day (Friday) at College for the whole session.  The deadline for return of choices is Friday 9th March.

College Applications for pupils moving into S4, S5 & S6

All applications for School-College courses are now made online.  Use this link to get to the form: 

Once you have completed it, an alert will be sent to your Guidance teacher to complete a reference for you.  Once the process is complete, the college will then contact you to invite you for interview.  If successful, they will then contact you again to offer you a place.

Please contact your child’s Guidance Teacher to discuss any issues regarding Pathways.

PDF icon  S5/6 Pathways Prospectus                                 PDF icon S4/5 into S5/6 Pathways Form

PDF icon  Foundation Apprenticeships                              PDF icon  Perth College Schools Prospectus