Report Pupil Absence

Call our attendance line on 01738 472 888 or text us on 07860 049 526 with name, registration group and reason for absence. Alternatively you can send an email to

Report Pupil Absence

Perth Grammar School

Emergency Closures

Unplanned Closure

In the event that the school has to close all parents/carers will be sent a text message. Information will also be shared on the school and Council's social media accounts. 

Severe Weather

If weather conditions deteriorate rapidly, we will close the school. We will arrange for pupils using school transport to depart early.

When conditions are bad, especially in the outlying areas, parents/carers should not send their children to school if they are in doubt. Please inform us if that is the situation (

If the school transport does not reach you due to road conditions, do not send your child to school unless you are prepared to arrange transport to school and home again.

For information about whether the school is to be closed or, if closed, when it is to re-open, please visit the school website or call the office on 01738 472800.

Groupcall - Will be used to provide information to all parents/carers.  Groupcall provides a quick and easy way of sending mobile phone text messages (SMS) to the main contact listed on your child's record. 

Radio Tay - FM96.4/AM1584 (Perth only) and AM1161/FM102.8 (everywhere else) may be used to broadcast information from time to time, particularly between 7am and 8am.

Closure updates can also be found on the Perth & Kinross Council website (